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I’ve spent a lot of my life pigeon-holing and judging. I’ve expected people and places to look, act, and respond a certain way. And I’ve been frustrated and angry when they refuse to change to meet my needs.

Maybe it’s age allowing me to look at things differently…or perhaps I’m finally hearing and seeing what God is trying to tell me and show me.

I’ve done this with health and fitness. There are universal truths of health and fitness, but not one-size-fits-all. Everyone’s body is different, so different forms of exercise work best for different people. We all know how to eat healthy, but there are certain diets/styles of eating that work best for different body types. Find what is healthy and what works best for your body.

I’ve done this with church. The Gospel is the core of the Christian faith, but how people grow in their faith and understanding of God and the Gospel is different for everyone. For some, they want the deep-dive, intellectual approach. Some want to experience the Holy Spirit through music and gospel teaching. I’ve spent years frustrated with my church because I was trying to make it go the way I best experience God…but what might not be God’s plan for that church. Find a church that points you to God and his glory and helps you find joy in him.

I’ve done this with my relationships. I put expectations on my husband, kids, family, and friends that I don’t hold myself to. I’ve felt left out and uninvited, when so many of my friends feel the same way. I judge others for not being there for me, but am I there for them? Find ways to love others and let got of expectations.

What about you? Do you find yourself discontent with others and the world around you? Perhaps we all need to let go of expectations, stop assuming, and open our eyes to the possibilities and needs of others around us…to see the world with new eyes.

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