Trust Through All My Fears

The world is a crazy place right now and trust has been on my heart and mind. Whom do I trust? Do I really trust God as much as I say I do? See, with the political climate and divisiveness going on in our country, here’s what I’ve learned: no matter who become President and what is decided, God is in control. He already knows who the next President will be — it’s all a part of His plan for the world. Do I trust Him? 

When I am overwhelmed with the arguing around me…I remember that He is in control. When I see the divisiveness on social media, I remember that He is sovereign. When I put my trust in Him, the weight is lifted from my chest and I can rest. I’m thankful that my God is in control and I don’t have to be. That even as I vote, He is determining the next steps for our country and what will bring revival in the hearts of His people. God has not given up on His people and He has not given up on me.
This time has also forced me to look at how I trust other people. How many times am I grasping for control of a situation instead of trusting the people around me?

Do I trust God with my kids? Do I trust that my kids will be okay and grow up to love Jesus, even when my husband and I mess up or feel we are lacking? Do I trust that my family will love me when I fail to be the person I desire to be or when I let my emotions get the most of me? Will my friends still want to be my friends when I say or do something stupid?

And I realize that this lack of trust is at the heart of my fears — fear of letting people down because I don’t trust that they will still be there/support me/care for me if I’m less then perfect; fear for my children because I don’t trust that God loves and cares for them even more that I do; fear for the future, because I don’t trust that God is sovereign over all. But God is in control and I can trust him.

On this election day, I find myself at peace, no matter what the outcome. Did I vote? Yes. Do I care about people and our country? Yes. But, I am choosing to trust God and His sovereignty — knowing that nothing is out of His hands. And I am at peace.

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