High and Low GI Foods

Eating a Low Glycemic Diet

In each food categories below, I have listed:

  • Unacceptable options (High Glycemic)
  • Acceptable options (Low Glycemic)

And if possible:

  • Examples of brands to avoid
  • Examples of brands to choose

For exact GI figures for specific foods, I suggest this website which includes a complete table with GI and Load Values




  • corn syrup (regular and anything labeled “high fructose corn syrup”)
  • dextrose
  • glucose
  • maltodextrins
  • invert sugar
  •  sucrose
  • caramelized sugar
  • barley malt
  • aspartame
  • glucose polymers
  • cane sugar

Note: Honey, and pure maple syrup are better for you than the sweeteners above but use very sparingly because they are high glycemic too. Avoid commercial maple syrups


Try these low glycemic sweeteners

  • fructose *
  • low glycemic fruit sweeteners
  • agave syrup
  • xylitol
  • erythritol
  • stevia *
  • mannitol
  • D-tagatose
  • Ki- Sweet
  • isomalt
  • maltitol
  • FOS
  • inulin
  • Trutin
  • Dulcem TD
  • thaumatin (talin)

Low Glycemic Sweeteners

You can find these sweeteners in a natural foods market, co-op or specialty foods market or in the healthier section of your super market. Fructose is available in bulk in the bins where you purchase sugar, flour and nuts. It has the same texture as sugar and can be substituted for sugar in baking. The same is true of xylitol. Stevia and agave syrup can be found on the shelves in the baking section. The others may be harder to find but look for them as acceptable low glycemic ingredients in other more processed foods.

*Personal favorites to add to foods, and cook/bake with.  Adds the sweetness you’re looking for without the high GI.  And they are all natural products.  Read more on Stevia, on their website (www.stevia.com)  I like to buy Trader Joe’s Stevia product, or Steviva powder (not the blend) www.traderjoes.com andwww.steviva.com .  It has no additives and most importantly does not contain maltodextrin.  For instance, Sugar in the Raw’s Stevia has maltodextrin and this added ingredient makes it a 150 on the GI index.  I am currently also looking at Fructevia, a Steviva brand (www.steviva.com).  It has fructose, stevia, and FOS.  This is comprised of all good sugars.  FOS is an abbreviation for fiuctooligosaccharides which is a naturally sweet, indigestible sugar derived from chicory roots.  It is natural, nocaloric, low glycemic and a powerful probiotic (read more here to see how important this is: http://reid_j.tripod.com/blood_sugar.htm )  And from what I’ve heard so far, Fructevia is a great sugar substitute – great for baking and adding to cold and hot drinks.

**Additional Note for those trying to eat natural, non-genetically modified food… Be careful of the two new additions to the “Stevia market” : Truvia (owned by Coca Cola) and Pure Via (owned by Pepsi).  These are not pure stevia (in the raw from the Stevia rebaudianaplant).  They have other additives and are not GMO free. 

Read these blog posts to get a better idea on how all “stevia” products are not made equal.







  • commercial and instant tea**
  •  box drinks
  • sodas
  • energy drinks
  • sports drinks****
  • coffee**
  • commercial drinks
  • coffee creamers***
  • hot cocoa*
  • milk mixes
  • powdered drinks



*Cocoa Mixes

  • Cocoa mixes without maltodextrins, dextrose, sugar or other high glycemic ingredients.
  • Carnation, fat free
  • Carnation, no sugar added
  • Swiss Miss, fat free


**Coffee and Tea

  • Caffeine increases insulin secretion. If you are a coffee drinker, limit yourself to 1 or 2 cups a day. Flavored coffee products also increase insulin secretion unless they have been specifically formulated to be low glycemic.
  • Tea from bags or leaves is low glycemic. No instant.


***Coffee Creamers

  • Nature’s First Natural Dairy Creamer
  • Non-fat dry milk, powdered, plain, instant


****Sports Drinks

  • Vitamin Water Zero ( Note: Regular Vitamin Water is higher in calories, but the sugar added is fructose)




  • applesauce (w/added corn syrup or sugar)
  • apricots (fresh, dried, canned)
  • banana (very ripe)*
  • cantelope
  • dates
  • fruit cocktail (canned)
  • pineapple
  • prunes
  • kiwi (over ripe)
  • sultanas
  • raisins
  • watermelon
  • pumpkin
  • lychee
  • mango (very ripe)
  • paw paw
  • papaya (very ripe)
  • any canned fruit in syrup (lite or heavy)



  • apples
  • banana (green/yellow)*
  • peach
  • tangerines
  • dried apples
  • raspberries
  • strawberries
  • blueberries
  • cherries
  • nectarines
  • oranges
  • melon
  • plum
  • lime
  • pear
  • grapes
  • lemon
  • mandarin oranges
  • blackberries
  • unsweetened applesauce
  • persimmon
  • figs (fresh)
  • boysenberries
  • casaba melon
  • grapefruit
  • honeydew melon
  • kiwi (just ripened)
  • starfish
  • tangelo
  • Jamaican plum
  •  pomegranate
  • Tangelino

*bananas are borderline on the GI, at 54.  The less ripe the better.  Certainly a half a banana goes a long way in flavoring a smoothie or shake, so feel free to do so moderately.


Good Canned Fruit:

  • Libby’s Natural Lite, pear halves, sliced peaches super, peach halves, chunky mixed fruits, fruit cocktail
  • Mott’s Natural Applesauce unsweetened (try adding a little stevia to sweeten)
  • White House Natural Plus Applesauce




  • instant mashed potatoes
  • potatoes
  • French fries
  • potato chips
  • beets
  • cooked carrots
  • parsnips
  •  turnips
  • corn
  • rutabaga
  • winter squash
  • pumpkin



  • artichokes
  • escarole
  • garbanzo beans
  • asparagus
  • green beans
  • green pepper
  • brussels sprouts
  • red bell pepper
  • kale
  • bean sprouts
  • yellow bell pepper
  • kohlrabi
  • black eyed peas
  • leeks
  • lettuce
  • broccoli
  • mushrooms (a fungi, but for sake of organizing)
  • okra
  • cabbage
  •  olives
  • onions
  • cauliflower
  • peas
  • hot peppers
  • celery
  • pickles
  • scallions
  • collard greens
  • radishes
  • swiss chard
  • cucumber
  • spinach
  • snow peas
  • eggplant
  • split peas
  • yellow squash
  • endive
  • sweet potatoes
  • yams
  • tomatoes
  • turnip greens
  • zuchinni
  • water chestnuts
  • arugula
  • avocado
  • lima beans (fresh)
  • chick peas
  • sauerkraut
  • mustard greens


Good Salads

  • avocado salad
  • salmon salad
  • crab louie
  • Caesar salad
  • cucumber salad
  • egg salad
  • chef’s salad
  • mixed greens
  • pasta salad
  • shrimp salad
  • vegetable salad
  • spinach
  • chicken salad
  • seafood salad
  • tuna salad
  • red cabbage salad
  • black bean salad
  • cobb salad
  • red potato salad
  • coleslaw

Note:  As with any salad, you will have to analyze the dressing/mayo etc to determine if it is low glycemic, but this list is a good start.


Fruit and Vegetable Juices


  • Watermelon juice
  • beet juice
  • celery juice
  • carrot juice
  • white grape juice
  • prune juice
  • red grape juice

All juices except low glycemic vegetable can be a glycemic load so dilute low glycemic ones with water.


Pure Unsweetened Fruit Juices:

  • Acceptable juices as listed below are 100% pure fruit juice, with no added grape juice, or white grape juice and do not contain added sugars, high fructose corn syrup, maltodextrins, or pineapple juice.
  • Juices can create a glycemic load so they have the potential to elevate blood sugar and should be limited. However, you can mix ½ cup juice with ½ cup water without raising your blood sugar. Juices that have pulp have a lower glycemic index.
    • Unsweetened apple juice (1/2 cup)
    • Unsweetened orange juice (1/2 cup)
    • Unsweetened peach juice (1/2 cup)
    • Unsweetened pear juice (1/2 cup)
    • Unsweetened grapefruit juice (1/2 cup)
    • Tropicana Grovestand Orange Juice (high pulp content) (1/2 cup)
    • Unsweetened pineapple juice (1/2 cup)
    • Special Harvest Pear Juice (pure pear juice)
    • After the Fall Products, Inc. Maryland


Butters and Oils


Nut Butters

  • Jif creamy and extra crunchy Simply Jif Peter Pan (all)
  • Jif Sensations Reese’s, creamy Skippy (all)
  • Laura Scudder’s reduced fat,smooth Smucker’s Goobers



*These name brands do not contain sucrose or any appreciable amount of high glycemic ingredients.

  • Arrowhead Mills 100% Valencia Peanut Butter, Creamy or Crunchy
  • Kettle Roaster Fresh, Cashew Butter, Sunflower Butter
  • Laura Scudder’s Old Fashioned Peanut Butter, Smooth
  • Laura Scudder’s Old Fashioned Peanut butter, Nutty
  • Maranatha Natural Foods, Organic Raw Almond Butter, Natural Cashew Butter
  • Smuckers Natural Creamy Peanut Butter

**Better to buy nut butters in natural food stores (in bulk) or high quality in grocery outlets. Most commercial have too many high glycemic additives.



Fats and Oils

  • palm kernal oil
  • coconut oil
  • palm oil
  • saturated fats
  • butter

*Once you reach your goal weight you could use a little of the saturated fats, like butter sparingly.



*Most fats, oils, butters and mayonnaise are low glycemic. That does not mean that they are necessarily the healthiest choice. They are just not high glycemic. Remember when it comes to fat to choose omega 3 fats (olive oil, nuts, avocado, seeds and fish) when you can and small amounts of the omega 6 fats that are in butter, other oils and meats. Best choices listed below:

  • Olive oil
  • Benecol spread (McNeil brand)
  • Canola oil
  • Corn oil
  • Safflower oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • Mayonnaise, homemade, Hellman’s Light Mayonnaise or Kraft Light Mayonnaise
  • I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Spray
  • Smart Balance Soft Spread (no trans fats)


Salad Dressings, Spices, Salsas and Condiments


  • Sauces, Dressings, and Condiments with added sugar and sweeteners
  • Any spices with sugars, maltodextrins, dextrins

* Most of the fat free bottled Lite dressings in the grocery store are higher glycemic than the regular versions because of the added corn syrup, maltodextrins and other added high glycemic ingredients. Even the sugar free salad dressings are not glycemically acceptable beause they too contain high glycemic carbohydrates which are not labeled as sugars. Commercial mayonnaise is ok in small amounts if there are no added high glycemic sweeteners.


  • Annie’s Naturals, Shitake & Sesame Vinaigrette
  • Brianna’s Homestyle Real French Vinaigrette
  • Cardini’s Zesty Garlic
  • Cardini’s Naturals, Romano Cheese Italian Dressing
  • Hellmann’s Creamy Caesar and Creamy Ranch
  • Ken’s Ranch and Chunky Blue Cheese
  • Kraft, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Creamy Roasted Garlic, Garlic Ranch
  • Newman’s Own, Olive Oil & Vinegar Dressing, Caesar. Basalmic
  • Seven Seas Free Viva Italian
  • Wishbone, Lite Italian and Fat Free Italian
  • Zeus Greek Salad Dressing, all natural
    • Soy sauce
    • Low salt broth
    • Catsup, sugar-free, no corn syrup, no white grape juice
    • Estee no sugar added ketchup
    • Mojo seasonings
    • Mustard, no sugar
    • Maitre Jacques Sweet Tarragon Mustard
    • Maitre Jacques All Natural Grained Mustard
    • Reese Hickory Liquid Smoke
    • La Victoria mild green taco sauce
    • hummus (no sugar)
    • La Victoria mild red taco sauce
    • Basha Hummus
    • Shotgun Willie’s medium picante sauce
    • Texas Pete sweet red pepper sauce
    • spices
    • low salt soy sauce
    • herbs
    • catsup (small amount)
    • mustard
    • Herdez Salsa Verde
    • J.Madrid salsas
    • J.Madrid chipotle hot sauce
    • Tostitos Salsa
    • Newman’s Own, All Natural Salsa
    • Taco Bell Home Originals Thick’ N Chunky Salsa
    • Most Pace Salsas and Picante’s
      • Bella – Cherry Peppers, Hot Chili Peppers, Greek Salad Peppers, Submarine Sandwich Peppers, Whole Sweet Banana Peppers
      • Louisiana Sliced Jalapeno Peppers
      • Victoria – Antipasto Peppers in Olive Oil and Vinegar, Cauliflower in Vinegar, Hot Cherry Peppers, Hot Crushed Peppers




  • canned black bean soup
  • broad beans
  • fava beans



  • baked beans (canned/dried)
  • black-eyed peas (dried/frozen)
  • black beans (dried/canned)
  • butterbeans (canned/frozen/fresh)
  • garbanzo beans
  • kidney beans
  • pinto beans
  • peas (yellow, green or split)
  • soybeans (dried/canned)
  • lentils
  • navy beans
  • chick peas
  • lima beans
  • white haricot, dried




  • couscous
  • buckwheat
  • corn flour
  • cornmeal
  • barley
  • rice
  • millet



All other grains are acceptable


Dairy, Cheese, and Nut Milks


  • chocolate milk (high glycemic sugars)
  • instant pudding
  • tapioca
  • canned grated parmesan (maltodextrins)
  • soymilk (unless it’s unsweetened)
  • almond milk (unless it’s unsweetened)
  • rice milk
  • coconut milk
  • sweetened commercial whipped cream
  • sweetened condensed milk


  • buttermilk
  • cottage cheese
  • custard
  • sour cream
  • yogurt
  • crème fraiche
  • goat milk
  • sheep milk
  • ice cream (low fat)
  • creamsicles (low fat)
  • soy milk (unsweetened)
  • almond milk (unsweetened)
  • Italian ice cream
  • buffalo milk
  • sugar free chocolate milk
  • Jello chocolate pudding sugar free
  • whole and low fat milk
  • evaporated milk
  • kefir
  • Dannon Light ‘n Fit Yogurt**
  • Breyer’s Light Fat Free Yogurt**
  • non fat dry milk

*Dairy products and nut milks need to be of high quality with no maltodextrins or additive and low sugar. Soybean and almond milks need to be unsweetened.  Chocolate milk with fructose or other low glycemic sweeteners is acceptable.

**Look for high quality yogurt that does not have added sugar or maltodextrins. You can add fruit and a low glycemic sweetener. But, if you are like me, and also want to avoid aspartame.  Dannon Light ‘n Fit has aspartame in it.  Look for yogurt with only fructose.


Cheese and Creams

  • American
  • Blue
  • Brick
  • Brie
  • Camembert
  • Caraway
  • Cheddar, sharp or mild
  • Cheshire
  • Colby
  • Cottage cheese, regular and low fat
  • Cream cheese, heavy, light and regular
  • Whipping cream, no sugars added
  • Edam
  • Feta
  • Fontina
  • Goat
  • Gouda
  • Gruyere
  • Monterey
  • Mozzarella
  • Muenster
  • Neufchatel
  • Parmesan (in block)
  • Kraft shredded parmesan
  • Kraft shredded three cheese
  • Pimento
  • Port de Salut
  • Provolone
  • Ricotta
  • Romano
  • Roquefort
  • Swiss
  • Tilsit
  • Alpine Lace Free n’ Lean and Lite-Line


Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts


  • All low fat ice cream (sweetened with high glycemic sweeteners)
  • All commercial frozen desserts unless they are sweetened with low glycemic sweeteners.
  • Ice cream, sorbet, and other frozen desserts that do not contain high quality proteins will generally not be low glycemic. Tofu frozen desserts are very high glycemic.


  • Ice cream and frozen desserts that are low in fat and contain high quality dairy proteins (milk, skim milk, non-fat milk, eggs) are low glycemic.
  • Most dairy products that contain real proteins and no high glycemic carbs or sugars will be low glycemic.
  • Ice cream that contains regular table sugar has a lower glycemic response than ice cream that contains maltodextrins, dextrose or high fructose corn syrup.High fructose corn syrup is NOT the same product as fructose which is low glycemic. If ice cream is made with plain fructose or other low glycemic sweeteners it is preferable.

*Limit your serving of ice cream to 2 scoops to control insulin-reaction and fat-storage.

  • Although some of the ingredients in the following products are considered high glycemic, they are not listed on the label as the first two ingredients in the product and the proteins used were of high quality.
    • Baskin-Robbins frozen yogurt, sugar-free, nonfat
    • Creamsicles, low or non-fat, artificially sweetened
    • Dryer’s Fat Free Frozen Yogurt
    • Dryer’s No Sugar Added Ice Cream
    • Dryer’s Fat Free, No Sugar Added Ice Cream
    • Frozen yogurt, nonfat made without maltodextrins or corn syrup
    • Ice cream, with dairy proteins, low-fat, no maltodextrins
    • Popsicles, sugar-free
    • Tropicana Fruit Juice Bars, fat-free, no sugar added
    • Yoglace (frozen yogurt from I Can’t Believe It’s Yogurt)


Jams, Jellies, and Snacks


  • All commercial jams and jellies containing appreciable amounts of corn syrup, sucrose, maltodextrins, dextrose and other high glycemic sweeteners are unacceptable.
  • fruit leathers
  • fruit roll ups
  • Fruit by the Foot
  • fruit glazes and dips
  • corn chips
  • pretzels
  • rice cakes
  • popcorn until you have reached your goal weight.



  • low glycemic jams and jellies that are made with low glycemic fruits, without grape juice, corn syrup or unacceptable sugars
  • Estee Strawberry Fruit Spread (fructose sweetened, low calorie)


Additives and Spices


  • Msg
  • Spices that contain sugar, sucrose, dextrose, maltodextrins


  • Sea Salt
  • Pepper
  • Spices and Herbs (natural)
  • McCormick grinders
  • Mrs. Dash products (great because they are usually low sodium too)


Bottled Sauces and Dressings


  • sauces with high glycemic sweeteners
    • watch BBQ sauces – many are very high in sugar
    • home-cooked  or canned pasta sauces that contain corn syrup, honey, sugar, maltodextrins, high fructose corn syrup.


  • Cento All Natural Pasta Sauce
  • Cento Classic Hot Pasta Sauce
  • Colavita Premium Sauce
  • Gia Russa Pasta Sauce
  • Pastene California Pizza Sauce
  • Mom’s Spaghetti Sauce, Timpone’s (jar)
  • Annie’s Naturals – Roasted Veggie Sauce, Natural Vermont Chedder Sauce, Natural Mushroom Sauce
  • Mayacamas Hollandaise Sauce
  • Mayacamas Bearnaise Sauce
  • Mayacamas Pesto Sauce
  • Papa Demos Lemon Herb Sauce
  • Mario Batali sauces
  • Homemade BBQ sauce with reduced sugar content such as this one http://recipes.steviva.com/recipe/low-glycemic-reduced-sugar-barbecue-sauce-recipe




  • canned pasta and canned noodles, with or without sauces
  • gnocchi
  • Kraft marcaroni and cheese dinner
  • commercial macaroni and cheese
  • rice pasta
  • Spaghetti O’s
  • rice vermicelli
  • any overcooked pasta



  • Barilla high protein pasta
  • brown rice pasta
  • capellini
  • fettuccine
  • linguine
  • ravioli
  • spaghetti
  • spinach linguini
  •  tortellino
  • vermicelli (not rice)
  •  macaroni
  •  Star pasta
  • tortellini, meat or cheese filled
  • Artesian Acres Kamut Pasta
  • Contadina Spinach Linguini, protein enriched
  • Contadina Lemon Dill Angel Hair
  • Eden Foods Kamut Pasta
  • Nutri-Mac Spaghetti
  • Papadini Hi Protein Pure Lentil Bean Pasta



  • Obviously avoid most sugary cereals – be careful to read the labels

Some other ones to avoid that are not so obvious:

  • cream of rice
  • cream of wheat
  • instant oatmeal
  • muesli (non-toasted)
  • oat bran flakes
  • porridge oats
  • oatmeal
  • porridge wheatena



  • All-Bran w/extra fiber (Kelloggs)
  • Special K
  • All Bran Fruit ‘N Oats (Kelloggs)
  • muesli (toasted)
  • Bran Buds w/psyllium (Kelloggs)
  • Buckwheat Kashi
  • Fiberwise
  • buckwheat groats
  • General Mills Fiber One
  • old fashioned oatmeal
  • pearled barley cereal
  • rice bran
  • Quaker Oats, oat bran
  • Quaker Oats oatmeal, 6 min. +
  • multigrain porridge (oats, wheat, rye, barley, rice)
  • Healthy Start Cereal
  • Bob’s Red Mill rolled oats
  • Ezekiel sprouted whole grain cereal


Breads, Baked Goods and Crackers/Snacks:


  • In general avoid foods made with white flour
  • Thick crust pizza
  • Pretzels
  • Rice cakes
  • Biscuits
  • Croisants
  • Doughnuts
  • Waffles
  • Cake
  • Muffin
  • Danish
  • Baguette
  • White Pita Bread


  • Multi-grain bread
  • Whole grain bread
  • Bread made with whole wheat flour
  • Whole grain tortillas
  • Wheat pitas
  • Sourdough bread
    • 100% sprouted whole wheat (Ezekiel) multigrain,
    •  9 grain bread
    • oat bran bread
    • sprouted wheat pita bread
    • wholemeal barley bread
    • Breton wheat crackers
    • rye crisp bread
    • Stoned wheat thins
    • buckwheat kasha
    • 100% sprouted wheat bagel
    • bulgar bread
    • Braunschlaggar Eur. Style Rye Bread
    • rye pumpernickel bread
    • rye bread (1st ingred. rye)
    • wholegrain pumpernickel bread
    • Alvarado Farms 100% wholegrain sprouted wheat pita bread
    • Alvarado Farms sprouted wheat bread barley (coarse) bread
    • Alvarado Farms sprouted wheat bagel
    • Bran-A-Crisp crackers
    • Ak-Mak stoneground wholewheat
    • Grain, 100% whole grain crackers
    • Food for Life sprouted grain bread Pita bread (Alvarado Farms)
    • Shiloh Farms sprouted wheat Rye, coarse European style
    • Shiloh Farms cracked wheat sourdough
    • Sprouted Wheat Bread (Shiloh Farms)
    • Stoneground wholewheat,
    • 100% stoneground Rye,
    • 100% wholegrain
    • pound cake
    • sponge cake


Other Things to Consider:

Omega-3 Foods

A great article that explains the importance of Omega 3 Foods (the good fats)



The benefits of omega-3s include reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke while helping to reduce symptoms of hypertension, depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), joint pain and other rheumatoid problems, as well as certain skin ailments. Some research has even shown that omega-3s can boost the immune system and help protect us from an array of illnesses including Alzheimer’s disease.  There have even been new links made between this good fat and the prevention of breast cancer.



Here’s a list of some Omega 3 rich foods:

  • striped bass
  • wild salmon
  • herring
  • mackerel
  • oysters
  • sablefish
  • wild trout
  • tuna
  • almonds
  • walnuts
  • brazil nuts
  • pecans
  • pumpkin seeds
  • sesame seeds
  • sunflower seeds
  • flaxseed meal
  • avocado
  • flaxseed oil
  • canola oil
  • olive oil
  • any nut/seed oil


*Nuts are low glycemic and a great source of protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Because they do have a lot of fat you do have to moderate how many you eat; a snack of 7 raw nuts at a time is reasonable. You can put them in a salad or on yogurt or ice cream to add more protein.



There are some commercial cookies on the market now in natural foods stores that are sweetened with fructose and may be acceptable. Read the labels for sugar content. These would be eaten sparingly once you have reached your goal weight.



Regular Enriched Flour is a bad choice, but there are a few good ones to consider for your baked needs.

  • Arrowhead Mills Stoneground whole wheat flour
  • Carbolite Zero Carb Bake Mix
  • Ketogenics Low Carb Pancake Mix


Soups &Dry Soup Mixes

Dry soup mixes, and canned soups can full of additives and sugars, but here are some acceptable ones:


  • Bean Cuisine dry soup mix: Island Black Bean,
  • 13 Bean Bouillabasse, White Bean Provencal
  • Dougan’s dry soup mix, Mixed Bean
  • Progresso, vegetable


Other acceptable choices for homemade or restaurant soups are:

  • bouillabaisse
  • chicken soup
  • chili
  • bean and pasta soup
  • lentil soup
  • gazpacho
  • Italian minestrone
  • curryfish (no potatoes)
  • onion
  • jambalaya (no rice)
  • vegetable (no corn or potato)
  • tomato
  • Manhattan clam chowder seafood gumbo (no rice)
  • Nile Spice




If you are going to eat pizza after you have reached your goal weight, select one with a thin, crispy crust and no meats. Limit portions to 2 pieces and add a salad with an oil and vinegar dressing to reduce the glycemic impact.


Pepperoni and other meats combined with fats from cheeses elevate insulin and fat storage.


Candy, Chocolate and Sweets

You really should avoid altogether, but if you must, look for the low glycemic label or a sugar content of 10 grams or less and no high glycemic carbs like maltodextrins or high fructose corn sytup. If the sweetener is just plain fructose then it is low glycemic.

  • Estee Milk Chocolate Bar (made with fructose)
  • Estee Milk Chocolate with Almonds (made with fructose)
  • Fig Newtons, 2
  • M & M, peanut 10 pieces (not the plain)
  • M & M, almond 10 pieces
  • Chocolove xoxox dark chocolate or almonds and sea salt in dark chocolate


Oriental Cuisine

Most Chinese food is low glycemic without the rice and without MSG.

Thai food, Japanese, Korean, same thing. No rice, no MSG.


Some acceptable examples are:

  • crab soup
  • asparagus soup
  • watercress soup
  • chicken egg drop soup
  • BBQ pork appetizer
  • hot & sour soup
  • spinach and tofu soup beef w/ broccoli
  • cashew chicken
  • bean threads w/ meat or fish
  • Moo Goo Gai Pan
  • chicken w/ broccoli
  • Beijing or Peking Duck
  • chicken w/ green beans
  • orange beef
  • scallops in black bean sauce
  • mung bean noodles
  • ginger duck
  • shrimp w/ vegetables