Flourish: Restorative Program



Our FLOURISH™ Restorative Program is a digestive program focusing on encouraging systemic harmony. This program will walk you through an elimination diet, while reducing inflammatory foods and toxins at the same time. The ultimate goal is to repair damaged gut lining and restore healthy bacteria while balancing microflora.


Your gut is one of the most misunderstood and unappreciated parts of your body system. Your gut health has a direct correlation to your immune system, hormone balance, and your mental health just to name a few. An unhealthy gut can manifest as skin problems, heart issues, migraine headaches, autoimmune diseases, mental illness, autism spectrum disorders, and more. FLOURISH™ is an ideal program for anyone who is seeking relief for an existing health issue, anyone who wants to reduce inflammation in the body or anyone who is seeking to be proactive in their health by establishing a healthy gut; curbing problems before they start.



  • Kick off webinar/video detailing the program and the research behind the program
  • Step-by-step FLOURISH™ guide with guided weekly schedules, shopping guides, meal planners, reflection sheets and more.
  • 3 Exercise Videos sent to you each week
  • Comprehensive FLOURISH™ Recipe Guide with over 100 yummy recipes specific to the program
  • Weekly Educational Tips and Inspiration
  • Access to the FLOURISH™ online support community
  • 1 month supply of premium micronutrient support from the #1 rated supplement company in North America
  • #1 rated Multi-vitamin
  • #1 rate Fish Oil
  • Liver detox supplement guaranteed to stimulate liver enzymes and fight oxidative stress
  • Pharmaceutical grade dairy Free, sugar Free Probiotic
  • Allergen free, yummy low glycemic meal replacement shakes
  • 1 blender bottle


In addition to everything above, you also receive:

  • Additional supplements to optimally fight inflammation and heal damage
  • Bioflavanoid complex/Vitamin C
  • 2000 IU bioavailable and potent Vitamin D
  • Fast acting, ultra-pure melatonin supplement
  • Pharmaceutical grade digestive enzymes
  • Allergen free fiber supplement
  • Allergen free balanced whole food snack bars
  • Sample grocery lists and meal planner
  • Bonus teaching video on making Kombucha and guides to creating other fermented foods
  • Bonus self-care guide to support and heal your adrenals


This program is fully customizable, so for an exact price contact me. For most people it runs about $280 for the BASIC program and $400 for the OPTIMAL program. These are US prices and don’t include tax/ship.

We do serve many places globally, so for a custom quote in your currency, please message me.

  1. Fill in your information on my contact page, expressing your interest in my program.
  2. You will be contacted within 48 hours with a questionnaire, and given the specific sign-up sheet with all of your options.
  3. You will be signed up for a free and secure online customer account where you can manage all of your information and receive up to a 20% discount.
  4. Your program information will be e-mailed to you and any product will be directly mailed to your house.
  5. You will be added to the private coaching forum and support community.
  6. You will have AMAZING RESULTS!