Going Chemical-free

Here’s my story:

In November of 2013, after a cracked rib from coughing and struggling with feeling tired and out of breath for a couple of years, I was diagnosed with allergy-induced asthma. Not only did I search for ways to treat my asthma naturally (with essential oils), but I looked for ways to get any chemicals and possible allergens out of my house.

Did you know that dryer sheets are loaded with chemicals? The first thing I was told by a friend when I told them I had asthma was to get rid of dryer sheets and switch to a natural laundry detergent (I used to use Tide – the stronger the smell, the more chemicals that are there). I starting using wool dryer balls from Norwex and threw away the box of Bounce dryer sheets. I also switched to Seventh Generation and Norwex laundry detergents.

I continued to find more ways to get ALL the chemicals out of my house – chemical free cleaning products from Norwex (just use water to clean) and Seventh Generation dishwashing detergent.

I also changed things with my hair and body care. I started using only products that were paraben-free and chemical-free.

I no longer use soap when I shower – I use the Norwex body cloths that use just water to clean you (it also works for shaving your legs…just water!). I make my own deodorant and my own hair gel. I have posted those recipes for you as well as other DIY natural product recipes.

I am constantly looking for ways to make myself, my family, and my environment healthy.

Want ideas on how to remove the chemicals from your life? Contact me.

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