Faith Family Parenting

Empowered and Free

My nine-year-old seriously amazes me.

She questions the fashions created for women and how they flaunt a woman’s body. She bemoans the fact that girls are treated weaker and less than boys. She laments the disparity between men and women.

It’s a lot for her young brain to process, but I love that she thinks about big things and questions what so many of us have come to see as normal. Here are some of her questions:

❓ Why are girls’ swimsuits like underwear while the boys can wear shorts?

❓ Why are girls’ shorts so short?

❓ Why do boys think that they are the only ones who can play sports?

❓ Why do boys always jump in front of me to catch a ball (in kickball) and miss, while I was ready to get the ball and would have caught it?

GIRL! I have been there!!

As she wrestles with her questions, we discuss how it doesn’t seem fair and how she can do more than others may think. I tell her that I am proud that she sees these issues and wants it to be different.

My daughter is going to do big things in this world. Her goal is not to be the best, but to be given a chance to chase her dreams and participate. To show that the world doesn’t dictate who she is or what she wears.

Her worth is found in Christ. She is a child of God and He has great plans for her. I’m excited to see what her future holds. She is empowered to do great things with the freedom she has in Christ. Go change the world, my sweet girl!