Chemical-free Health and Wellness

Starting Your Chemical-Free Journey

About seven years ago, I began my journey to remove harmful chemicals from my life and home. Our health is affected by what we put in our body and on our body. A lot of products we used are filled with harmful chemicals that can mess with how our body functions and grows. This is a short list of some of my favorite chemical-free products. Try them out for yourself and start feeling better!

1. Skincare

Did you know that it only takes a few seconds for what you put on your skin to be absorbed into your blood stream? Typical skincare products have tons of harmful ingredients added to them (to preserve it, etc.). My favorite skin care is USANA’s Celavive line. USANA is known for have it’s purity and potency guarantee in all of their products, including the Celavive line. Using patented Incelligence technology, the products help your body regenerate healthy cells and reduce the signs of aging and oxidation. You can check out the whole line here.

2. Make-up

Just like skincare, our make-up has tons are harmful ingredients. I have switched all my make-up over to Beautycounter. Not only do they work great, but they are safe as well. Another great thing about Beautycounter is that their founder is an advocate for cleaner beauty and constantly meets with Congress about putting in stronger restrictions with personal care products, so that less harmful chemicals are being used. You can check out their products here.

3. Deodorant

We all want to smell great and look great, but did you know that most deodorants contain aluminum and adversely affect your lymph nodes (which are located by your armpits)? Switching to natural deodorant can feel daunting at first, because most people are worried about wet spots or smelling. There is a detoxification period, but I find that I’m less wet under my armpits that I was prior to switching to safe deodorant. There are a variety of good ones out there (and I’ve even made my own in the past), but the one I love the best is the Aromaco bar from Lush Cosmetics — it works great, has a neutral smell, lasts for about six months and is affordable. You can find it here or any local Lush store.

4. House Cleaning 

I don’t need to tell you about all the chemicals in your cleaning products — you can smell them all around you! And if the product is telling you to have good ventilation when using…pretty much means there are some nasty chemicals. Did you know that you can actually clean your house and remove germs without bleach and chemicals? I’m a big fan of Norwex products. Their cleaning cloths and mops are amazing and you just your WATER to clean! What?! I know crazy. You can learn more about their products here

5. Laundry 

Do you use dryer sheets (Bounce) to reduce static cling? Those sheets are filled with harmful chemicals! My favorite alternative are wool dryer balls from Norwex. They reduce static cling and fluff your items without the harmful chemicals. You can check them out here.

6. Supplements 

We’ve talked a lot about what you put ON your body, but it’s incredibly important what you put IN your body. From eating healthy and organic vegetable and fruits to consuming grassfed beef, the quality is so important. Same goes for supplements. Yes, you need to take supplements to THRIVE (a discussion for another time) and the quality is SO important. USANA has both a purity and potency guarantee and my family and I have been trusting them for the past six year. Check out here why they are are gold standard for supplements. 

“The Healthy Home” by Dr. Myron Wentz 

Finally, if you are looking for a great book about transforming your house into a chemical-free space, you need to read “The Healthy Home”. Dr. Myron Wentz is the founder of USANA and winner of numerous awards, including the Albert Einstein award. In the book he walks room by room through a house and give example of way to reduce the harmful chemicals around you and create a healthy home. You can find it here.

I hope that this gives you some ways to create a healthy and chemical-free life. Start small with just one area and them slowly make changes. Reach out to me if you need to more ideas or help. 🙂